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21 Ian. 2022

Heads of IKO and WTOKF Sign Memorandum of Understanding

The heads of the WORLD TRADITIONAL OKINAWA KARATE FEDERATION and INTERNATIONAL KARATE ORGANIZATION signed in 24.01.2022, a memorandum of understanding in which joint collaborations for organizing karate tournaments and exchange of information towards promoting the qualitative and technical level of the athletes, coaches and referees was emphasized.

Every one of the said organizations believe that the beauty of karate is rooted in the tradition of karate and by reviving this very tradition, the lost identity of karate can be regained.

The management of IKO, while congratulating the athletes and coaches of WTOKF and expressing gratitude towards President Ionel Bara and all members of the Excecutive Board, deems the signing of this memorandum of understanding a new step towards the expansion of the karate sport and will make every effort in that regard.


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